Light Matter Film Festival: Two Programs at the Film-Makers' Cooperative

Poster by Matt McKinzie.

Join us on Friday, February 16th, and Friday, February 23rd, at 7pm, at the Film-Makers' Cooperative, for two traveling programs from the Light Matter Film Festival!


Tucked away in the village of Alfred in rural western New York, the experimental film and media arts festival LIGHT MATTER has become “a major East Coast showcase for experimental film and video” (Sicisnki, INRO) in three short years. Spurred by a desire to bring together the often disconnected worlds of Film and Media Arts, curator James Hansen constructs thoughtful, eccentric programs that seek to create conversation between individual works, showcasing both emerging and established artists. In 2024, LIGHT MATTER is taking its show on the road, traveling first to NYC, followed by stops in New Mexico and Chicago. Spanning a host of mediums, medias, and styles, “this festival regards experimental media less as a genre and more as an open question, a form whose identity flickers into being at the moment when light hits the screen.” (Sicisnki, INRO). This event is for any film lover with a sense of adventure, a tolerance for flicker, and an open mind.



From darkness to light, bodies fill space, dancing between and through one another, like light beams or scan lines. As quotidian as blood pumping or pixels popping. A burst vein, a film of skin. Language, unmade. Colonialism, reloaded. Where are we? A party for the eyes, open or closed.

* = NYC Premiere

  1. Andres Medina, Stained Night, 11 minutes, Argentina*
  2. Bridget Coderc, Hither & Thither, 6 minutes, UK*
  3. April Lin, FIEBRE, 2 minutes, Sweden*
  4. Oakley Mertes, It’s Time to Patch Up…, 3 minutes, USA*
  5. Lilan Yang, The Perfect Human, 13 minutes, USA*
  6. Stephanie Barber, The Enlightenment, 12 minutes, USA*
  7. Michael Mesereau, Haxan:Reducida, 6 minutes, USA*
  8. Wai Yin Yang, Muted Bridges, 4 minutes, Hong Kong*
  9. Luciana Decker, Spoils, 8 minutes, Bolivia*
  10. Arvcuken Noquisi, Kolaswvt Vfulles, 11 minutes, Muskvge Nation*
  11. Alexandre Alagoa, When I Close My Eyes…, 14 minutes, Portugal*



A question of form in the form of a question. The ecological cut leaves remains in the ground, on the surface. Parts of a planet on the brink. What can the future look like? How do we remain? Lives in miniatures. The labor of archives, in process. Looking through.

* = NYC Premiere

  1. Eduardo Gutierrez, Refraction, 9 minutes, Peru*
  2. Jude Abu Zaineh, FORMatyions, 5 minutes, Canada/Palestine*
  3. Esperanza Collado, Tragame nube, 13 minutes, Spain
  4. Joanna Byrne, Diane (wrapped in plastic), 4 minutes, UK*
  5. Valentin Sismann, Plasforms, 5 minutes, France*
  6. Laura Kraning, de-composition, 3 minutes, USA*
  7. Tina Sulc Resnik, Retreat, 1 minute, Slovenia*
  8. Michael Lyons, Parts, 5 minutes, Japan*
  9. Lorelei d’Andriole, The Halo is a Symbol of Our Death, 8 minutes, USA*
  10. Teri Carson, Monolith, 14 minutes, Mexico*
  11. Simon Payne, Intervals, 10 minutes, UK*
  12. Abinadi Meza, Tlaloc, 9 minutes, USA/Mexico*
  13. Linnea Nugent, In the Fishtank, 3 minutes, USA*