Possibilities: A Garden Screening

Sixth Street and Avenue B Community Garden, Sixth Street and Avenue B New York, NY 10009

On Sunday, September 11th, at 8pm, join us for a FREE garden screening curated by Devon Narine-Singh and MM Serra. This selection features the work of filmmakers MM Serra, Jack Waters, and Peter Cramer.


Endless Possibilities and Divine Possibilities by MM Serra (2021/2003) TRT: 24 minutes. Two shorts by MM Serra. Artist portraits of the Lower East Side and the community activism that has been long a part of it.

Sacre Coeur by Peter Cramer (2001) TRT: 8 mins.

Pestilence Part One: Generator (Excerpt) Jack Waters + Team TRT: TBD. An excerpt from Waters' ongoing opus. 

August 10, 2010 by MM Serra, co-edited by Devon Narine-Singh (2019) TRT: 4 mins. A tribute to Carolee Schneemann with Peggy Ahwesh. Shot on location at Carolee’s house in 2010. Made in the aftermath of her death, the filmmaker revisited old footage at Carolee’s divine house to resurrect memories of her.