ROTTEN LOVE at the Film-Makers' Coop

still from LIGHT IS CALLING (Bill Morrison, 2004)

A Night of Sweet Treats and Utter Decay With Bill Morrison in person!!!

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Spend your Valentine’s Day Eve at the Film-Makers’ Coop, rotting your teeth, your heart, your faith in humanity at ROTTEN LOVE, a program of short love and porn films that re-purpose decomposing celluloid film stock. ROTTEN LOVE--featuring short works by Bill Morrison, Peggy Ahwesh, MM Serra, and Josh Lewis--explores the tensions, contradictions and inevitabilities of analog film, celluloid bodies, eroticism, sex, and a digital media landscape.

These films are bizarre and beautiful in the way “damage” acts as both form and content. The irony, of course, is that decay functions as its own kind of life force, bringing to light, quite literally, a rebirth of sorts and the rise of new moving images.

Bring a friend! A lover! An ex! For a night of sweet treats and ~ utter decay ~

Curated by Emily Apter


LIGHT IS CALLING (Bill Morrison, 2004, 7 min. digital)
ENDURING ORNAMENT (MM Serra and Josh Lewis, 2015, 14 min. digital)
THE COLOR OF LOVE (Peggy Ahwesh, 1994, 10 min. 16mm)
+ a SURPRISE film from Bill Morrison!!

Total Running Time: 45 minutes