Screening: A Margem / The Margin

Union Docs, 322 Union Avenue Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY 11211

Join us for a screening of A Margem / The Margin (1967) featuring a post-screening discussion with Richard Peña, Eric Barroso, William Plotnick, and Isaac Hoff


Filmed in Brazil, A Margem (1967) by Ouzualdo R. Candeias is the strange story (more or less) about two love stories… the film intends to show what happened to four people with no importance which, gave so much importance to love that they come to die for it… one day a colossal white barge appeared gliding on the serene and dirty waters of the Tiete river, bringing an unusual woman, a strange and beautiful woman. Four people were marked… the beautiful and unusual woman disappears as well as her white barge… without explanation. Since that day, the life of those people take different ways, i. e., their empty routine comes to an end. Among the four, comes to be, profound affection… loving and, maybe, suffering, they go on together. Some day the woman with her big barge appears again at the border of the same river, stopping at the same place… one by one the four persons have died loving… or died for having loved too much… the colossal canoe receives them in its white bulge and, led by the beautiful and strange woman, sails quiet and silently with its prow turned toward any or some other dimension in time… space or beyond.