SURVIVAL - Curated by Devon Narine-Singh

Join us for SURVIVAL, an in-person screening curated by Devon Narine-Singh on Sunday, November 21 at 3:00pm at the Film-Makers' Cooperative.

Vaccination status will be checked at the door.

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"Survival has taken on many meanings this last year and half. While this program directly addresses COVID, it also a means of looking at how survival intersects with every aspect of our lives. Falling in and out of love. Grief. Histories we chose to continue and surround ourselves with. Traumas we face and navigate, despite it not being something we ever choose. The light and its healing in all the films, but in particular the closing ones. Abstraction can be a prayer even for an atheist. Survival is ongoing, unending, because that is how we live. It is beautiful and tiresome at once. It is needed." - Devon Narine-Singh

Including films from MM Serra, Anne Hanavan, Jack Waters, Sahar Sephahdari-Dalai, Lynne Sachs and more. 

Total runtime: 103 minutes