The Experimental Sublime

Poster by Matt McKinzie.

On Wednesday, April 26th, at 7pm, join us at the FMC Screening Room (475 Park Avenue South, 6th Floor) for an exciting program of experimental films about identity and self-discovery through communion with nature, curated by Zoë Kase.



  1. Earth Saga by Rosalind Schneider (1980)
  2. What the Water Said, Nos. 1-3 by David Gatten (1997)
  3. At Land by Maya Deren (1944)
  4. Seers and Clowns by Faith Hubley (1994)
  5. Sound of One by Scott Bartlett (1976)
  6. Harmonica by Larry Gottheim (1971)

Total Run Time: 84 minutes.