The Film-Makers' Cooperative x The Brooklyn Rail Holiday Screening Series

The Brooklyn Rail, Brooklyn, New York, NY
From Jonas Mekas' LOST, LOST, LOST (1976).

From Friday, December 23rd, 2022 to Thursday, January 5th, 2023, the Film-Makers' Cooperative is collaborating with the wonderful folks at The Brooklyn Rail for a Holiday Screening Series!


Friday, December 23rd—Women/Artist/Filmmakers, Inc., Film-Makers' Cooperative-Curated Program (which first screened at the Andrew Edlin Gallery a few weeks ago!).

WEEK ONE—Celebrating 100 Years of Jonas Mekas: Lost, Lost, Lost (1976) 

Monday December 26th: Lost, Lost, Lost Reel 1 
Tuesday, December 27th: Lost, Lost, Lost Reel 2
Wednesday, December 28th: Lost, Lost, Lost Reel 3 
Thursday, December 29th: Lost, Lost, Lost Reel 4 
Friday, December 30th: Lost, Lost, Lost Reels 5 & 6

WEEK TWO—Celebrating 100 Years of Jonas Mekas: A Week of Walden (1968) 

Monday, January 2nd: Walden Reel 1
Tuesday, January 3rd: Walden Reel 2 
Wednesday, January 4th: Walden Reel 3 
Thursday, January 5th: Walden Reel 4