VOD: Matthew Carlson


Join us for a screening and panel discussion of films by Matthew Carlson.


Live discussion with Matthew Carlson on Saturday, May 8th at 6pm!

Matthew Carlson is a moving image artist living and working in Queens, New York. He received a BFA in Film/Video from Pratt Institute in 2015 and worked with Artforum, Marina Abramović, and the production company Faliro House. His work has been included in multiple group screenings at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Pratt Manhattan, and the Robert Rauschenberg gallery in South Florida. He currently spends his days as a trailer editor and social media manager for the Film-Makers’ Cooperative. 

Living Room (Matthew Carlson, 2015)

A woman sleeps, dreams of an intruder.

in california at the end of 2016 (Matthew Carlson, 2017)

In praise of love.

0—10946 (Matthew Carlson, 2019)

21 images, 10,496 frames, structured according to Fibonacci numbers.

e(x) = {x ∈ X, e(x)} (Matthew Carlson, 2019)

Images collected over a relationship of ten years. A collapsing of three locales that hold sentimental value: three states, three cities, three households. Many sunsets.

Florida Ghost (Matthew Carlson, 2021)

Memories of my childhood home re-imagined in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Sightings (Matthew Carlson, 2021)

A man muses about cryptids and UFOs on a warm night in the Florida woods.