"With Love, Black Women Can Fly" by Edgie Amisial


For our first event celebrating our 60th Anniversary, FMC is thrilled to highlight filmmaker Edgie Amisial. Amisial recently debuted her documentary short With Love, Black Women Can Fly. The film explores issues of mental health and recovery among Black Women. On April 23rd join FMC for a screening of the film followed by a conversation with Amisial and curator Devon Narine-Singh. 


Edgie Amisial is a Haitian-American multidisciplinary artist, writer and filmmaker, who uses her creative practice to unpack the issues that create an inevitable symbiosis between political and personal identities. She merges writing, film and visual art to navigate identity, intersectionality, heritage, feminism and survival, through the lens of blackness and queerness. By combining elements of magical realism, mythology and personal narrative in her written and visual work, she aims to illustrate what it means to exist in a femme queer black body that has experienced love, harm and transformation.

Edgie obtained her Bachelor of Arts from The New School in 2019, where she crafted and studied a self-designed major in Arts and Media Activism. She views art as a tool that can play a valuable role in advocating for change, both within her personal life and her community. She has dedicated much of her artistic career to addressing social and personal issues, educating children in the arts, and creating opportunities for other artists to share, workshop and discuss their work. She continues to use her passion for the arts to uplift her voice and the voices of her community, by creating, educating and curating shows, exhibitions and events.