Invasion of the Amazons (Continued Erosion)

Digital File, color, sound, 15 min
scans not available


The archer bends her bow. 

The weapon transforms into a letter.

The letter stays imprinted on her body.


A film about balance and the struggle for control over language and body. 


Selected press:

„(…) This austere film by Penelope Wehrli draws on such diverse sources 

as Godard, Peter Wollen and Laura Mulvey, and Bunuel, and documents the struggle of women to gain control over the sources of the language systems which imprison them. Shots of a women at a typewriter alternate with stock footage of a footrace and a ticking metronome, which attempt to call forth 

the urgency of the need for political change as a race against time. (…)“


By Thomasin Lansing, East Village Eye, December/January 1984/85