FMC Films Programs

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    Counter-Culture / Counter-Cinema: Flaming Creatures and No President

    The films of Jack Smith

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    New Year New Work 2019

    Four screenings in January 2019 that showcase the wide-ranging work of new and longstanding FMC members from around the world. Curated by Emily Apter, Ladya Cheryl, and Devon Narine-Singh.

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    BURNING: Ceremony, War, Art.

    New Films by Larry Gottheim

    Wednesday, December 18th at 8:30pm Ludlow House, 139 Ludlow Street Presented by FMC RSVP Required:

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    Radical Empathy

    Eco-Shorts from the FMC

    In the face of global ecological collapse, there's nothing radical about loving the non-human.

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    16mm dance films from the FMC

    An evening of short dance films created between the 1940s and 1980s.

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    16mm Flower Films

    These 16mm shorts rediscover the intuitive reality and sharp beauty of nature.

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    America Today

    A recreation of the 1966 screening

    A recreation of the 1966 screening designed to reflect “the social, political, and moral climate of our time, the feelings, issues, and events of the day."

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    Celebrating Takahiko Iimura

    “From early sixties, though Japanese, Iimura was well known as one of the first generation of the New York Underground … For many years, Japanese experimental film was Takahiko Iimura.” – Malcolm Le Grice, Time Out, London.

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    A Mirror Avant-Garde

    Non-Canonical Canonicals by Women Filmmakers

    If you’ve seen more than three of the films in this program, we’d be surprised. Yet every single one of these films by women filmmakers deserves to be written about, taught in classes, and be part of the canon of avant-garde film.

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    Projection Instructions

    A modular program of 16mm films that involve special instructions to the projectionist, curator, or spectator, underscoring the performative dimensions of cinematic exhibition. Venues wishing to exhibit a version of the program are encouraged to curate individual combinations of films from the list below that reflect their own interests, equipment, and exhibition spaces.

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    Origins and Ends

    A Program of 35mm Films

    Combining origin stories with elegies and alternative histories, as well as explorations of desire, scraps, emergence, and obsolescence, “Origins and Ends” presents an array of experiments with cinema’s standard gauge, the use of which is decidedly rare in avant-garde film.

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    Femme Fantastic

    The Carnal Screen

    These films undo the socio-political bindings that repress images of sexuality into profitable commodities. The body, sex, and intimacy are not idealized or trapped in patriarchal, aesthetic fantasies.

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    New Year New Work 2017

    Our fourth annual New Year, New Works program, a two-day screening showcasing the wide-ranging work of both new and long-term Coop members. Filmmakers will be present for Q&A following screening. Programmed and curated by Gregg Biermann, G. Anthony Svatek and Courtney Muller.

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    New Year New Work 2018

    These two screenings showcase the wide-ranging work of both new and long-term FMC members.

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    Remediating War

    Vietnam In/On Film

    We commemorate the fiftieth anniversaries of key works from the Film-Makers’ Coop that protested the Vietnam War during the 1960s.

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    Refracting Lumière

    Avant-Garde Revisions of the Lumière Brothers

    Four films from the 1970s that return to the films of Auguste and Louis Lumière, revisiting film history as a way of reframing our understanding of the cinematic.